About Us


CutAway is a production and distribution company founded in 2010 by Sasa Stanisic. It is based in Skopje, North Macedonia. The company`s main activity covers the process of Pre-Production (Budgeting and Scheduling, Casting, Location scouting), the Production process, Co production and distribution.

We distribute unique, interesting, European produced films in theaters, on TV and VOD. The company releases around 8 films a year and has a library of over 20 films from Europe. Cutaway collaborates with many international sales agents such as: The Match Factory, Wild Bunch, Doc & Film International, East West Distribution GmbH, Atrix Films GmbH etc. Cutaway has collaboration with the main institutions in Macedonia iike North Macedonian Film Agency, Ministry of culture of North Macedonia, festivals like Skopje Film Festival, The International Cinematographers Film Festival "Manaki Brothers", The Festival for European films Cinedays in Skopje, Summer Festivals in Skopje, Ohrid and Bitola and all active exhibitors.

CutAway has the ability to release a film in 13 countries in Southeast Europe through Cinesquare VoD platform (North Macedonia, Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Montenegro, Romania, Bulgaria, Albania, Greece, Kosovo, Cyprus and Turkey).

With the film distribution business constantly evolving, CutAway extends over innovative avenues for distributing content to find new audiences. CutAway approaches each title creatively, using social media and guerrilla marketing tactics to connect each film with both its core and secondary audiences.

VoD is also influencing distribution practices, with day-and-date VOD releases now becoming the norm. Embracing the changing market, CutAway have streamlined their marketing efforts to get the most out of every release, bringing their films directly to audiences who prefer on demand viewing. In 2013, CutAway started developing data base for films and film professionals from SEE Region – SEECINEMA.NET. We continued developing of this platform, adding new tools and content, and we started working on developing and implementation of VoD platform called CINESQUARE for feature, short, documentaries and animation films from Southeast Europe and developing of social network for communication between the film-makers from this region.

In 2017, CutAway launched the first VoD platform for SEE films Cinesquare.net.